Cultivating a Community of Innovators

Goal 1: Student Voice:  All DOE students demonstrate they are on a path toward success in college, career, and citizenship.

What we will do at Ka'imiloa:

  • Create an environment that supports all students in becoming Visible Learners.

  • Provide time and resources supporting instruction to Common Core State Standards.

  • Provide time, resources and support to teachers in the development of their curriculum to address writing to sources.

  • Provide support and professional development in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) integration;

  • Provide training and support in Comprehensive Student Support and Response to Intervention that will support the needs of struggling learners with timely interventions;

  • Develop a system of tracking and monitoring interventions provided to students;

  • Increase parental involvement with family literacy services;

  • Develop teacher understanding of formative instruction and Learning/Data Team process.

What Students will gain as a result of what we do:

  • Increase achievement by at least a year, closing the gap for at-risk students;

  • Recognize and showcase work that exceeds, meets and/or is approaching standards;

  • Increased opportunities to use technology as a support for learning.

  • Create projects and/or complete performance tasks that exhibit STEM learning;

  • Ability to link and make relevant connections across content areas;

  • Readiness to begin Kindergarten, knowing the rituals and routines of the school;

  • Reduce the need for intense remediation because of early intervention strategies;

  • A support system that meets academic, social-emotional and physical well being of each child

  • Able to successfully meet the academic rigor of the new SBAC Assessments.


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What is the Ka'imiloa Experience?

Find out how Ka'imiloa aspires to fulfill the school's Vision and Mission for their students. 

Goal 2: Staff Success: The DOE has a high-performing culture where employees have the training, support, and professional development to contribute effectively to student success.

What we will do at Ka'imiloa:

  • Provide time for teachers to collaborate and vertically align curriculum

  • Support and implement SPED and ELL inclusion practices through professional development;

  • Sustain in school and after school safety net programs based on data of students’ needs;

  • Participate in professional development that improves teaching practices; based on research based instruction

  • Support all teachers to become highly effective through mentorship and coaching;

  • Provide common, dedicated meeting time for teachers to plan, assess and analyze data connected to student growth.

What Students will gain as a result of what we do:

  • Increase skills and knowledge that ensure success at the secondary level;

  • Receive home and family support that enhances learning;

  • Closing of gaps of our most at-risk students;

  • Increased student achievement that is based on focused teaching practices.

Ka'imiloa School Design
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Goal 3: Successful Systems of Support: The system and culture of the DOE work to effectively organize financial, human and community resources in support of student achievement.

What we will do at Ka'imiloa:

  • Improve communication with parents using technology;

  • Determine and problem solve barriers to student learning;

  • Partner with the community to promote civic responsibility;

  • Provide opportunities for students to interact and participate in their community, enhancing real-life learning.

  • Seek coherence and alignment in curriculum instruction and assessment  

What Students at Ka'imiloa will know where they are in any learning progress by answering the following questions:

  • Where am I going?

  • How am I doing?

  • What to next?