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Principal's Message

Principal's Welcome,


Ka’imiloa means seekers of knowledge and as a school community, every member on campus lives up to this by always looking for opportunities to grow and learn.  All 103 faculty and staff members are committed to providing a quality education that will assure each child will be college and career ready upon graduation from high school.  


A key priority at this school is providing high quality professional development and technical assistance for teachers to be able to instruct using researched best teaching practices.  We believe in seeing learning through the eyes of our students and want these children actively be their own teachers.  In order to achieve this, all individuals including our students ask themselves throughout any learning process the following three questions from John Hattie’s work with Visible Learning.  These questions asked throughout the learning process makes learning visible.


Where am I going?

How am I doing?

Where to next?


As life-long learners, we recognize learning is work and it is in the hard work of “being in the pit” struggling to learn something new when we truly become our own teachers.  Our students are taught to set their own goals for learning, to identify what their strengths are as well as their need areas and to persevere in learning something new.  They recognize learning always occurs in the context of collaboration and teachers provide many opportunities for students to work with each other, solving real life problems, being innovative in designing their own learning experiences.  


The practice of self-reflection is embedded in everything teachers and students do.  Teachers regularly self-reflect on their teaching practices and set goals for improving their teaching during regular coaching and mentoring sessions every teacher participates in.  Collective teacher efficacy or teacher collaboration focused on student learning has one of the highest effect size impacting student achievement based on John Hattie’s research.

Fundamental to everything Ka’imiloa is working on is based on the “practice” and “art” of teaching.  At Ka’imiloa, the belief is every teacher is or can be inspired and passionate, a key attribute in creating high achievement for all students.


Ms. Debra Hatada